A Bhalo Story

Bhalo = Good

Bhalo ( Bhālo ) is the Bengali word for 'good'. From my dad & family, it was something I would hear frequently as a child.

Not knowing the language fluently, but knowing this word helped me understand the nature of a conversation. Bhalo was exclaimed when food was particularly good... or regarding the behavior of my sisters and I 😂.

Bhalo, to us, represents good food practices. More of the good, less of the bad - with a little more good for good measure 😉.


We use the freshest, highest quality, organic local fruits and vegetables from California's Central Valley farms.

Mindful picking, processing & packaging - doing our best for the client, while keeping Mother Earth in mind.

*Any items used without organic certification will be noted on the products page.

What We Offer

    We offer a variety of snacks and meal prep foods

    *Snacks include; fresh fruit pieces (apple, pear, orange, persimmon, etc.), V&GF grilled cheese bites, spiced sweet corn and much more!

    *Meal Mixers/Meal Helpers include; pan roasted mushrooms and onions, guacamole pucks, hummus scoops, chili, falafel, and the list goes on!

    Organic California Produce

    The climate and soil in the Central Valley of California enable farmers to grow high-quality organic produce year-round. We're excited to share this deliciousness with you!

    Fully degradable packaging

    Our omnidegradable packaging breaks down underground, above ground, and in water. It does not degrade on the shelf or while being stored like other compostable packaging.

    Packaging was so important that we spent months to find one suitable for our needs - a high moisture & oxygen barrier enough to keep our products fresh - yet friendly to Earth in all ways. The ink and adhesive on labels are even biodegradable and non-toxic. 

    The Process

    All products are designed & hand made with love, by my awesome team and I.

    Our foods are vacuum freeze dried, which allows the product to keep 97% of its nutritional value - higher than any other preservation methods.